Don’t Quarantine Your Immune System

Don’t Quarantine Your Immune System

April 3, 2020 by Holton Jeppson 0

Fighting the Coronavirus

Stucki Farms is well known for their location in Southern Utah and what that location offers to our homeowners regarding outdoor living. The current global pandemic that we are all going through has made this time a little different to cope with for everyone. First, we want to state that if you are showing or feeling symptoms related to the Coronavirus we ask that you do not come out into the public and please contact your local healthcare provider. As we practice social distancing, quarantining yourself and your families may seem like the best way to combate or escape sickness but it’s not the only method of defense; you can also prepare your body by boosting your immune system through some of these simple things!

We all know that eating right is essential for optimal health, but it’s even more important when your body is working hard to combat a sickness, no matter how big or small. Exercise is also a super fun and free way to boost your immune system. You don’t have to overdo it: lighten up, and just get moving, hiking, riding a bike, or even a walk down one of our many Stucki Farms pathways. Follow the social distancing standards to stop the spread of the virus and get plenty of sleep. Don’t feel guilty if you feel tired, listen to your body, it knows what it needs. Eating and doing the right things can go a long way and can be easier and more fun than you think! We have found an article posted by Dr. Bret Scher, MD to help you dive deeper into what your immune system needs to fight the coronavirus.

Here’s some other ideas to try today as you continue to make your time away from work a good experience. Let’s all remember that positivity and kindness is still free, and as always works wonders for the heart and therefore the immune system. Take this time to show more love, practice self care, slow down, play with the dog and kids, bake, gather flowers, and just enjoy the little things. We at Stucki Farms are preparing for the day when we can use our amazing amenities and enjoy each others company again. Please be safe and choose to enjoy the extra time with your loved ones.

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